• Maximum Flavour - Aki Kamozawa & H. Alexander Talbot

Maximum Flavour - Aki Kamozawa & H. Alexander Talbot

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2014

Whether you're interested in molecular gastronomy or just want a perfect chicken recipe for dinner tonight, the authors of Ideas in Food deliver reliable techniques and dishes - no hard-to-find ingredients or break-the-bank equipment required - for real home cooks.  On the cutting edge of kitchen science, Kamozawa and Talbot regularly consult for restaurants to help them solve cooking conundrums.  And yet they often find it's the simplest tips that can be the most surprising - and the ones that can help home cooks take their cooking to a new level.  

Sharing expert advice on everything from making gluten-free baking mixes and homemade cheeses and buttermilk to understanding the finer points of fermentation or sous-vide cooking, Kamozawa and Talbot chronicle their quest to bring out the best in every ingredient. 

With a focus on recipes and techniques that can help anyone make better meals every day and 75 colour photographs that show both step-by-step processes and finished dishes, Maximum Flavor will encourage you to experiment, taste, play with your food, and discover again why cooking and eating are so fascinating and fun.

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