• My Garden Kitchen

My Garden Kitchen

Unna Burch
Hardback.  Near new condition.  2016

Welcome to the kitchen of The Forest Cantina, where you will find delicious and inspiring recipes and meet talented young self-taught cook, Unna Burch, who delights in sharing her love of food. This is a place where town meets country, where heritage hens run free, the beehives deliver honey, the vegetables are home grown, and Fair Trade ingredients boost a sustainable lifestyle.

Unna's family's needs are catered for with quick and easy weekday dishes inspired by street food styles from Asia and Mexico, and simple Mediterranean pastas. Weekends bring time to plan and devise elaborate slow food feasts that can be enjoyed with extended family and friends.

There is a collection of over 100 dishes to take you through the seasons, from breakfast and brunch to dinner plus sides, desserts, drinks and preserves - and a charming note on labelling homemade gifts from the garden.
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