• My Kind of Cooking - Mark Sargeant

My Kind of Cooking - Mark Sargeant

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2011

My Kind of Cooking is Mark Sargeant's exciting introduction to food that few people usually consider, or have the confidence to cook.   It is also a very personal book with Mark applying his Michelin-starred skills to childhood, favourite, fun and newly developed dishes.

The book concentrates on the cheaper cuts of meat and types of fish, giving cooking techniques and 120 recipes to get the best out of them.  Mark Sargeant shows us how to use fantastic pieces of meat, with recipes that make them as delicious and tender as the prime cuts, at a less than prime price.  He also utilizes a lot of cheaper, and sustainable, fish which are becoming more widely available. The current financial climate means we've all had to tighten our belts, but this doesn't mean we need to forego fabulous and tasty food.

'Sarge' is passionate about getting the best out of the best produce, getting back to basics in the kitchen and showing that everyone can delight their palate whilst watching the pennies.
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