• Outdoor Grub: Hot 'n' spicy Barbecue - Carol Tennant

Outdoor Grub: Hot 'n' spicy Barbecue - Carol Tennant

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2003

There's nothing like sitting around the campfire eating a hearty meal, with the stars twinkling above.  Whether you're camping in countryside or entertaining al fresco, this fun and funky book is packed with delicious and simple meals designed for the outdoors.

Containing mouth watering recipes including Mexican-style chicken, peppered steaks and potatoes fire-baked the cowboy way, "Outdoor Grub" brings you closer to nature and a full stomach!  Much more than just a barbecue cookbook, the wonderful retro imagery and design work give this book a fabulous 50s feel.

All of the recipes are irresistible and pack a spicy punch, and there are lots of ideas for vegetarian barbecues and cooking desserts on the grill too.

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