• Primal Kitchen: Real food recipes - Sarah Dueweke

Primal Kitchen: Real food recipes - Sarah Dueweke

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2015

Wellington chef Sarah Dueweke's Primal Kitchen offers delicious paleo-friendly breakfasts, lunches, dinners and energising snacks for sustained good health.

With its emphasis on natural ingredients and meals high in protein and healthy fats and carbohydrates, primal eating offers the benefits of a paleo diet with fewer restrictions. Full-fat dairy products, including butter, cheese, yoghurt and milk, are allowed in limited quantities, as is alcohol and some starchy fruit and vegetables.   By substituting grains such as wheat, corn and rice for 'primal-friendly' alternatives and eliminating refined sugars in favour of natural sweeteners, Sarah's innovative recipes show how you can enjoy home baking and treat foods and still find weight maintenance easy.

Slow-cooked casseroles, hearty salads and power-packed breakfasts are so satisfying and delicious they are sure to prove popular with family and friends.   By following Sarah's simple guidelines for a primal diet you'll find it simple to adapt everyday dishes and discover new favourites in the process.

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