• Raw Food for Real People - Rod Rotondi

Raw Food for Real People - Rod Rotondi

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2009

Luscious Eco-Friendly Food to Support Your Health and the Planet.   Many have touted the health and energy benefits of raw foods but few have presented recipes and instructions for making raw food appealing and satisfying to everyone.

Chef Rod Rotondi demonstrates that going raw isn't hard in fact its fun easy and more delicious than you've ever imagined.  You will learn all the fundamentals of preparing your own raw foods at home including setting up your raw kitchen transitioning to raw foods sprouting dehydration and raising your kids on raw foods.

Best of all he offers a wealth of recipes for smoothies breakfast appetizers soups salads dressings entrees and decadent desserts.  Rod demonstrates that the best and utterly delectable way to go green and get healthy is to eat fresh food in its natural state. 

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