• Real Delicious - Chrissy Freer

Real Delicious - Chrissy Freer

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2016

What happened to just eating real, whole food?  Like Chrissy Freer's previous titles, supergrains and superlegumes, Real Delicious will look at the importance and nutritional benefits of eating whole foods.  But rather than just being limited to grains or legumes, it encompasses grains, legumes, dairy, meat & fish, nuts & seeds and good oils.  Eating whole foods means eating foods in their most natural state.  That is, not highly processed, reduced fat, fat free or artificially sweetened.  You only need to look at the increasing incidence of food intolerances, allergies and digestive disorders to see that what we are doing to our food, is not agreeing with us.  Likewise, the idea that reduced fat or diet food is healthier for us, is gradually being thrown out as simply not true.  Reduced fat foods are often highly processed, with additional sugars, thickeners and stabilisers added to replace the fat.  As modern society has moved away from eating foods close to the source, a whole range of nutritional problems have become apparent.

This book rediscovers the benefits of eating whole foods, and shows that they are not only more delicious, but also promote a healthy way of eating for life.
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