• Real Food Projects - Kate Walsh

Real Food Projects - Kate Walsh

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2016

Real Food Projects is your handbook to 30 essential cooking skills that will connect you with your food again.  Even if you're a kitchen rookie, you'll soon be churning your own butter and slathering it on your own no-knead bread, barbecuing your own homemade sausages or using the season's freshest fruits to make your own cordials.

Step-by-step instructions and photographs guide you from start to finish. For too long we've been sold the idea that making our own food is difficult, time-consuming and not worth the effort.  But self-taught cook and sustainable food advocate Kate Walsh knows that learning how to cook a few kitchen staples from scratch, using fresh local and seasonal produce, is the best way to improve your health and that of our food system.

Better yet, it tastes delicious!  Get involved and get stuck into some real food projects today.

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