• Recraft - Sara Duchars & Sarah Marks

Recraft - Sara Duchars & Sarah Marks

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2012

ReCraft includes 50 projects to give old things a new lease of life.  ReCraft is a way of recycling things you might otherwise throw away - or things other people have given away. ReCraft means asking, What can I turn this into?. rather than, What do I need to make this? - it is colours / textures and materials that trigger the designs and your own creativity.

Using your hands and imagination ReCraft transforms the most uninspiring objects such as holey jumpers, old shirts, dusty books, chipped cups, battered spoons, floral curtains, scratched records and broken games into soft toys, candles, secret boxes, precious jewels, cushions and bags.  ReCraft is about allowing your second-hand finds inspire you; letting shape, colour and texture spark for a 'ReCrafted' transformation.

Fifty projects for a range of items including items for the home, clothes and accessories for all ages plus patterns, templates and basic techniques. Illustrated with photographs and hand-painted illustrations, the emphasis is on simple, easy-to-make items with a twist.

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