• Scent of the Monsoon Winds - Michal Haines

Scent of the Monsoon Winds - Michal Haines

Hardback.  Very good condition.   2008

Over 100 sublime recipes derived from a range of cultures lie at the heart of this beautiful book. Passionate chef Michal Haines stamps her signature style on a variety of dishes to ensure the flavours are perfectly suited to the western palate.

Including historical anecdotes about how spices have influenced different cuisines, an A - Z guide to spices and user-friendly information about buying, storing and using spices, this book is a must-have addition to any home kitchen.

The recipes include: Pork and Prawn Balls in Kaffir Lime and Vermicelli Soup; Tequila-fuelled Blackened Chicken with Red Beans; and, Cardamom, Cassia and Orange Syrup-baked Cheesecake.

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