• Seasons of Sicily - Natalia Ravida

Seasons of Sicily - Natalia Ravida

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2007

This is a cookbook created by generations of Sicilians.  Natalia Ravida inherited a love of food and olive oil from the legacy of her Sicilian ancestors.  The family farm at La Gurra has been in the Ravida family since the 1770s, when nobleman Antonio Ravida married Maria Ferrantelli, a wealthy noblewoman who received the fiefdom of La Gurra as a dowry.  The estate lies in an area still devoted to farming and is dominated by a 16th century farmhouse overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  From this oasis of olives, grapes, fruit trees, wild herbs, vegetables and pastures comes "Seasons of Sicily", a record of Natalia's favourite Sicilian dishes.

Born in Trento, North Eastern Italy, attending school in Britain and Rome, Natalia had a successful career as a print, radio and television journalist in Paris, London and Italy.  Her renewed passion for Sicily saw her leave journalism and since 1991 she has promoted Ravida Extra Virgin Olive Oil around the world, moving to Sicily to work in the olive oil business.  She lives in Mondello, outside Palermo, with her husband Giuseppe Spatafora and son Alfredo.  This book includes sumptuous full colour photographs by Nigel Noyes.
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