• Sharing Plates - Luke Mangan

Sharing Plates - Luke Mangan

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2017

Find a recipe for everyone with Luke Mangan's recipes designed for the shared table.  What would you rather eat, Mini hot dogs with kimchi, American mustard and chipotle mayo or Spicy soy, ginger and sesame chicken wings?   Or how about Vegan dark chocolate and coconut tart or Peanut butter ice-cream sandwiches with dulche de leche, strawberry jus and cherry sorbet...? 

Can't decide?  Well don't worry, Luke Mangan's Sharing Plates is finally a cookbook that lets you cater for every craving, at any time.

Whilst traditional dining will always have its place, there is something truly satisfying about sharing good food with family and friends.  The shared plate is casual and intimate, friendly and laid-back, encouraging conversation and interaction around the table and catering for every dietary need - it also makes for a more relaxed cook!  Luke's recipes are made for sharing.  Each recipe takes inspiration from around the world - Spain and Italy, Scandinavia, the Middle Easy and Asia - including a chapter of Luke's famously divine desserts to complete the feast.
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