• Smoothies: Refreshing, Healthy and Delicious - Eliq Maranik

Smoothies: Refreshing, Healthy and Delicious - Eliq Maranik

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2013

Smoothies are not just deliciously refreshing but also healthy alternatives to soft drinks, sweet snacks, desserts and cocktails.  This book introduces a broad range of recipes for every taste: fruit and berry smoothies, yoghurt and breakfast smoothies, vegetable smoothies, dessert smoothies and fruit and berry cocktails.

Each recipe comes with a short informative text with background information on, for example, the nutritional content of the fruits used and tips on preparation or modification.

A detailed introduction helps with selecting and purchasing the proper fruit, offers tips on useful kitchen equipment, and introduces the 40 most important fruits and vegetables, as well as other ingredients and spices to improve the smoothies.  Over 100 appetizing photos make you want to experience a delicious taste sensation.
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