• Sprinkle Bakes - Heather Baird

Sprinkle Bakes - Heather Baird

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2012

How can you make cakes, cookies and candy even more fun?   Award-winning blogger Heather Baird, a vibrant new voice in the culinary world, has the answer: bake like an artist!   Combining her awesome skills as a baker, confectioner and painter, she has created a gorgeous, innovative cookbook, designed to unleash the creative side of every baker.   Heather sees dessert making as one of the few truly creative outlets for the home cook.

So, instead of arranging recipes by dessert type (cookies, tarts, cakes, etc.), she has organised them by line, colour and sculpture.   As a result, SprinkleBakes is at once a breathtakingly comprehensive dessert cookbook and an artist's instructional that explains brush strokes, sculpture moulds, colour theory and much more.

With easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful step-by-step photographs, Heather shows how anyone can make her jaw-dropping creations, from Mehndi Hand Ginger Cookies to Snow Glass Apples to the Yule Log, her seasonal masterpiece.

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