• Super Fast Diet - Victoria Black & Gen Davidson

Super Fast Diet - Victoria Black & Gen Davidson

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2020

The diet that helps you lose weight while still having a social life.  After years of yo-yo dieting, Australian women Victoria Black and Gen Davidson lost 40 kg between them using the intermittent fasting methods described in Super Fast Diet.

What's more, they have kept the weight off.  Determined to help others do the same, Victoria and Gen created the world's first and now largest online fasting program.  In the process, they've built a supportive and fun community of Super Fast enthusiasts (some of whom have lost more than 30 kg).

Now, Victoria and Gen bring their dieting genius to life in their Super Fast Diet book. Here you will find: 
- all the information you need to select the Super Fast program that best suits you: 2 day (5:2), 3 day (4:3) or part-day (16:8)
- the science behind the diet, showing how fasting can help you avoid diabetes, heart disease and a range of lifestyle diseases
- 80 delicious recipes
- weekly meal plans
- real-life stories of dramatic weight loss from the SuperFast community.

Fully photographed, and bursting with clear advice and encouragement, Super Fast Diet is your passport to long-term weight loss and good health.
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