• Supergood - Chelsea Winter

Supergood - Chelsea Winter

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2020

Epic plant-based food for everyone, with gluten-free options for just about everything.  
There's everything to love about this much-anticipated new book from New Zealand's favourite bestselling home cook, Chelsea Winter.

Sink your teeth into a massive selection of dishes that go way beyond what you'd expect from plant-based fare to deliver hearty, tasty, fussy-eater-approved satisfaction.  From Chelsea's world-famous Lockdown Loaf and 10-second Aioli to creamy pastas, curries, burgers and lasagnes; clever classic reboots like cookies, brownies and ice cream; mouth watering home baking and desserts and many more versatile staples, sides, sauces and snacks - there really is something for every occasion.

It's all 100% meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free with loads of gluten-free options and top tips to inspire every cook - whether you're catering for those people in your life who can't (or won't) eat certain foods or you're keen to try a few plantified meals and want to know where to start.

This book is everything you'd expect from Chelsea - easily available ingredients and totally delicious, foolproof recipes that work.  It's supergood!
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