• Supper with Rosie - Rosie Lovell

Supper with Rosie - Rosie Lovell

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2012

All of us have recipes, given to us by friends or handed down from generation to generation, that make up our culinary comfort zone.  In Supper with Rosie, she shows us how to make them really our own.  She brings together dishes taught her by her mother and friends and picked up on her travels, and shows us how to experiment with food and to have fun while doing so.

Her recipes blend old-fashioned principles of frugal cooking - using seasonal and store cupboard ingredients - with a multicultural influence to bring you accessible dishes full of flavour.

Chapters include: Weeknights In - everyday, inexpensive suppers for 2-3 people; Feasts of Plenty - impressive meals for larger numbers; A Bowl of Comfort - dishes for when you need cheering up; and The Sunday Cook-off - recipes for when you have time to indulge in the pleasure of cooking from preserving, to baking a luxurious cake.

Author Bio
Rosie Lovell runs Rosie's Deli Cafe in Brixton market, London, as well as organising monthly supper clubs.  She writes a blog for Selfridges and her recipes have featured in Observer Food Monthly and Grazia. Her first book, Spooning with Rosie, was published in 2009.
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