• Teaching Dad to Cook Flapjack - Miranda Gardiner

Teaching Dad to Cook Flapjack - Miranda Gardiner

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2010

"Teaching Dad to Cook Flapjack" is a collection of recipes and memories, a delicious food novel where food is embedded within daily family life, as well as an essential, relaxed home cooking manual. Miranda writes...

The book was written after my mother's death...It started as an informal how-to-do manual for my dad, learning to cook and fend for himself for the first time.  A man who could drive a car, tell you about the inside of a camera but couldn't cook his own supper.

I started by showing him how to cook some of mum's things.  The first recipe in 'his' book was for Chewy Flapjack, which appeals both to his sweet tooth and frequent request for 'anything to go with a cup of tea'.  "Teaching Dad to Cook Flapjack" also contains a blend of ancient Cornish and newer Finnish traditions, with influences from as far afield as Australia.  Sometimes the food might be a direct response to a place (Fossil Cake) or even dreamt up as I try and fall asleep (Dulce de Leche Ice Cream)'.

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