• Tenderheart - Hetty Lui McKinnon

Tenderheart - Hetty Lui McKinnon

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2022

From the acclaimed author of To Asia, With Love , a loving homage to her father, a Chinese immigrant in Australia, told in 150 flavorful, vegetarian recipes. 

Heritage and food have always been linked for Hetty McKinnon.  Growing up as part of a Chinese family in Australia, McKinnon formed a deep appreciation for her bicultural identity, and for her father, who moved to Sydney as a teenager and learned English by selling bananas at a local market.  As he brought home crates full of produce after work, McKinnon learned about the beauty and versatility of fruits and vegetables.

Tenderheart is the happy outcome of McKinnon's love of vegetables.  From Miso Mushroom Ragu with Baked Polenta to Celery and Vermicelli Spring Rolls to Sweet Potato and Black Sesame Marble Bundt, Tenderheart features 21 essential fruits and vegetables that become the basis for 150 recipes.  In this tender tribute to her father and his experience as an immigrant, McKinnon explores how food connects us to our loved ones, even when they are no longer with us - and gives us the tools to make recipes that are healthful, economical, and bursting with flavor.

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