• The Beauty Guide - Dr Libby

The Beauty Guide - Dr Libby

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2018

In a world where so many women feel deflated by what they see in the mirror, tempted into the realm of 'enhancements' or drawn to anything that will help mask their 'flaws', The Beauty Guide shines a spotlight on what it means to be beautiful and acts as a guide to help the reader feel and look their best-at any age.  With a degree in nutrition and dietetics, a PhD in biochemistry and 20 years of clinical practice, Dr Libby's knowledge of what works and doesn't work for our bodies is extensive.

In this stunningly illustrated book, she explains the nutritional, biochemical and emotional basis to beauty challenges such as acne, cellulite, and rosacea, and teaches you how to heal them by deciphering the messages your body is sharing with you.  But more than this, The Beauty Guide will help to reframe the way you look at beauty.  Learn how to stop worrying about what others think of you, improve your relationship with your body and explore ways to inspire a new generation of girls with an innate belief in their inner beauty.

Filled with Dr Libby's unique blend of nutrition, biochemical science and emotional care, you can't help but feel more beautiful just by reading this book.  With interactive worksheets, real-life stories and a step-by-step guide to healing 40 common beauty challenges, The Beauty Guide will change the way you look at and appreciate yourself-forever.

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