• The Cook School Recipes - Jo Seagar (Hawkins Edition)

The Cook School Recipes - Jo Seagar (Hawkins Edition)

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2011 (Hawkins edition)

In her cook school Jo taught how to make a variety of impressive dishes really easily sticking to her philosophy of 'Minimum effort for maximum effect'.  This book gathers together all of those recipes plus the tips and tricks and information you need to make them successfully and packages them all in one gorgeous book.

The recipes are arranged by course and include delicious things like caper berries in crispy cheese pastry, blueberry lemon friands, red wine risotto with rocket and blue cheese, tofu, mushroom and kumara salad, one pot chicken with spinach, lentils and lemon, sneaky homemade creme brulee and mini Florentine bites.

Featuring wonderful photography by Jae Frew, this book will become a much-loved and well-thumbed staple of the cookbook shelf.
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