• The Happy Life - Lola Berry

The Happy Life - Lola Berry

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2016

An inspiring guide to finding health and happiness from the author of The 20/20 Diet and The Happy Cookbook.

Happiness.  It's the big one; the thing we're all striving for.  But rather than happiness being something you 'get' from status or material things, it's something you must 
find within yourself.  This beautiful, honest book is nutritionist Lola Berry's achievable guide to overall happiness, and it all starts with what we put on our plates.

The Happy Life features more than 60 delicious wholefood recipes as well as practical advice on how to maintain optimum health across all areas of your life - whether that's eating well and maintaining exercise regimens while travelling, navigating love and relationships, or actively incorporating more mindfulness into your day.

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