• The Italian Table - Ron Suhanosky

The Italian Table - Ron Suhanosky

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2012

As a husband, father and chef, Ron Suhanosky's mission is to bring everyone to the table, so mealtimes become family time.  His imaginative cooking brings a fresh and modern approach to Italian cuisine and yet still remains true to his Italian roots.

All the 115 recipes are perfect for delicious family-style dinners and are designed to accommodate a wide range of diets and preferences, from vegetarians to kids.  They can easily be adapted for larger or smaller groups and are flexible in relation to ingredients that come in and out of season.  Every meal is primarily about the enjoyment of cooking for company and so preparation is kept simple and uncomplicated.

Whether it's a weekday dinner or a unique celebration, there is delicious food for every time and place to guarantee friends and family always coming back for more.

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