• The Midlife Kitchen - Mimi Spencer &  Sam Rice

The Midlife Kitchen - Mimi Spencer & Sam Rice

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2017

Are you at a point in your life where health is becoming more of a priority?  Are you confused by ever-changing headlines that contrive to make the simple act of eating a peril rather than a pleasure?  The Midlife Kitchen has the answers.

Midlife is not a time to be concerned with food fads and foibles, but rather a glorious opportunity to wrest back control of your eating in the interests of health, happiness and a long life.  Taste must certainly come first, but with health firmly snapping at its heels, underpinned by well-established nutritional common sense.  Busy lives require simple, sustaining recipes that incorporate health-giving ingredients without too much fanfare or fuss.  This book is not about 'clean-eating' or super foods, detoxing or restriction. Instead, it is about building up a balanced and diverse diet, with less sugar, better fat and good carbs. 

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