• The Oprah Magazine Cookbook

The Oprah Magazine Cookbook

Oprah Magazine
Hardback.  Near new condition.  2008

This collection of 175 of the best recipes from The Oprah Magazine, offers something for everyone — and for all types of occasions, whether you're preparing a feast or looking for a simple dish to satisfy a craving.

Inspiration comes from all around the globe, and you can now enjoy at-home dishes such as a tantalizingly bright bowl of Callaloo soup, Moroccan Cinnamon-Rubbed Leg of Lamb, the best Tiramisu ever, an addictive Cuban Grilled Corn on the Cob with Queso Blanco and Lime, and a crazy-delicious New Orleans Creole Gumbo. Desserts include decadent Black Currant-Tea Chocolate Truffles, amazingly simple Chocolate Pots de Crème, Heavenly Fresh Mint Ice Cream, and silky smooth Banana Pudding.  Drinks include a Pomegranate Daiquiri and a Strawberry Mint Iced Tea, and a frothy Mexican hot chocolate.  Also included are advice on pairings of wine with food and a special index that leads you right to holiday foods, snacks, vegetarian recipes, party favorites, and kid-friendly dishes.

Along with the recipes, more than 60 professional chefs and celebrated gourmands provide informative, entertaining, and vibrant lessons and advice about food and cooking and life.

More than a collection of recipes, this book is a guide to enjoying food, elevating every dining experience, and appreciating the special role that cooking and eating can, together, play in our lives.

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