• The Paleo Journey - Simone McGrath

The Paleo Journey - Simone McGrath

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2016

In The Paleo Journey, Simone McGrath will teach you about various lifestyle components, such as the hard facts about the diet, what’s taboo, and what’s up for debate.  It highlights the many benefits of the paleo lifestyle and addresses exercise, dining out, and stress factors, to name a few.  There are more than eighty original recipes, including:

• Spinach and ’shroom soufflé
• Coconut crab cakes
• Pistachio pork
• Spicy roasted veggie chips
• Caramel crunch bites
• And so many more!

Also contained in this book is a fourteen-day eating plan as well as many tasty and nutritious sections on breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, sides, desserts as well as snacks and smoothies.  It’s a complete go-to guide for anyone interested in the paleo lifestyle.

  • $10.00