• The Really Useful Cookbook - David Herbert

The Really Useful Cookbook - David Herbert

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2009

What do you want to cook today?   A classic sponge cake, Sunday-morning pancakes, line-up-for-seconds beef casserole, a hearty spiced lentil soup, mouth watering roast chicken or irresistable chocolate fudge cookies.   

The Really Useful Cookbook includes David Herbert's definitive, tried-and-trusted recipes for these - plus more than 200 other recipes, all arranged in easy-to-find sections such as Chocolate, Crumbles, Meatballs, Salads and Soups.

True to its name, The Really Useful Cookbook contains a useful and versatile repertoire of great, simple, modern dishes.   David's 'really useful' ideas and tips will help you transform these dishes into something uniquely your own, and give you the confidence to take real pleasure in preparing food for yourself, friends and family. 

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