• The Tart Tin - Matt Gross

The Tart Tin - Matt Gross

Paperback.   Near new condition.   2017

You know you're onto something good when there's consistently a queue for a particular Farmers Market stall.  So it is for Matt Cross's Tart Tin at the weekly Otago Farmers Market.  Those in the know flock to Matt's attractively styled retro caravan to get their fill of hand-made, delicious sweet treats.

In this delightful cookbook, you will discover recipes from throughout Matt's career as a professional chef and he will guide you through the creation of treats that he's famed for selling at the Otago Farmers Market.  For Matt, these recipes aren't just a list of ingredients and measurements, they're snapshots of his life, passed on from chefs and people who have influenced him through his journey.  From fine dining restaurants to trendy cafes, the most important things to Matt when it comes to food are quality ingredients and, more so, passion, pride and technique.

The ability to spark a memory or feeling through food is one of Matt's main aims.  Matt's approachable recipes and helpful hints allow even the novice baker to master the delights of the Tart Tin's most delicious treats. In passing on these recipes, Matt hopes that everyone can enjoy a sweet moment once in a while. 
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