• The Valley: A Cookbook - Lourkie Werle

The Valley: A Cookbook - Lourkie Werle

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2017

Fans of well-known food writer Loukie Werle will welcome her brilliant new cookbook.  'The Valley' is Loukie's first book since she made a tree change from Sydney's Paddington.  The cookbook is a warm-hearted invitation to share her new home on the NSW Central Coast - with a stunning collection of recipes.

There's a story behind Loukie Werle's newest cookbook:   "A few years ago my husband and I decided to leave the city and start a new life in the country," she writes. "We began looking in a beautiful area only an hour or so away.  We discovered a valley, and a four-acre block among the trees, and soon afterwards we put our city house on the market. 

My cooking classes, which were such an important part of my city life, ended but not my love of food.  So when I started writing a new cookbook, I really wanted it to have recipes that reflect the way we live here, with doors wide open for family and friends. . . The result is 'The Valley' cookbook.

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