• Three VEG and Meat - Olivia Andrews

Three VEG and Meat - Olivia Andrews

Paperback.   Near new condition.   2019

The new flexitarianism - make veg the hero.  You know you should be eating more healthy vegies, but sometimes you prefer burgers, nachos and chicken schnitzel to salad.  So how do you get the dietary balance right without sacrificing flavour? Olivia Andrews has taken all your favourite dishes and magically flipped the balance to more veg and less meat.

Try her Butternut chicken, Quick 'roast' pork dinner, Amen for my ramen, New sausage rolls and Better chocolate brownies and you won't ever want to flip back.

Your favourite meals, made healthy includes a 4-week meal plan.  Feed the fussiest of families and keep your vegetarians and meat-eaters happy
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