• A free range life: Together - Annabel & Rose Langbein

A free range life: Together - Annabel & Rose Langbein

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2018

The seed of the idea for this bookazine was sown when Annabel and her family were holidaying in Greece, and Annabel realised what a confident, creative cook her daughter Rose had become during her years of studying and flatting.

It brings together Annabel's years of kitchen wisdom and commitment to garden-to-table eating, with Rose's youthful enthusiasm for living and cooking sustainably and affordably, to create a guidebook for a fresh new way of living and eating.  Delicious modern vegetarian recipes are accompanied by succulent burgers, ideas for cooking with sustainable fish species, meals for one, fruit-based desserts, picnic baking, on-trend recipes for fermented and pickled foods, and much more.

A four-week meal planner offers simple solutions for weeknight meals, while menu suggestions throughout take the guesswork out of every entertaining occasion.  Annabel and Rose share their top tips for tweaking recipes to suit special diets, eating for wellness, saving money at the checkout, preventing food waste and living more sustainably.
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