• Too Good to Share - Sam Stern

Too Good to Share - Sam Stern

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2015

Almost a third of the UK population live alone.  In addition to those people, many others cook alone on a regular basis: students, young professionals - and the occasional parent who's drawn the long straw and is alone with just an empty kitchen for company.  What should they cook for themselves? 

With just a little time and some basic skills, it's easy to knock up knock-out meals to enjoy on one's own.  There is, however, a clever little twist to this book.  By cooking the main recipe you are halfway to preparing a second dish which you can enjoy the next day.  This not only saves you loads of time and effort but also makes economic sense.  How many times have you been left with a solitary chicken breast in the pack that you don't know what to do with?  Problem solved - follow Sam's recipe and cook both pieces one night, using one piece for Beer and orange baked chicken, then the following day, transform the leftover, ready-cooked piece into Asian chicken salad for dinner or even for lunch to take to work.  In the same way, you can make a Quick steak and ale pie which becomes Beef bubble and squeak cakes the next day.  At other times, you just want 2 easy recipes to make use of a whole pack of something over the course of a week, so for example Sam shows how to use a pack of tofu for a zingy Tofu and cucumber salad one day, and Salt 'n' pepper tofu another day.  And sometimes it's much easier and economical to buy a whole joint, and turn that value for money into four separate dishes that will last you over half the week.

Eating for one shouldn't be sad - it should be a real pleasure!

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