• Union Jax: Back to Blighty - Jax Hamilton

Union Jax: Back to Blighty - Jax Hamilton

Paperback.   Near new condition.   2013

Packed with action, Jax revisits favourite London haunts, reconnects with family and friends, and ventures up north, 'past the Watford Gap', and beyond, and always with her singular passion for food to the fore.  She explores the grand old markets and samples the new 'posh nosh' eateries of London, caters for a full on garden party with only a frying pan and cake knife to hand, dashes for a touch of sea, sun and candy floss at Brighton and skips across the Irish Sea to sample the Guinness and show them how to make an Irish Stew, Kiwi-style...all done with inimitable style and flair bringing us her unique take on British cuisine as she now finds it.

Following her successful first book, Jax Cooks (2012), 
Union Jax serves up delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes with beguiling travel tales on the side, all garnished with beautiful photographs and plenty of Jax attitude.
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