• Vanilla Table - Natasha MacAller

Vanilla Table - Natasha MacAller

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2013

Natasha's passion for vanilla started at a young age.  A former professional ballerina, her first memories of vanilla started on her way to ballet classes when her mother 'spritzed' her with vanilla-scented cologne.  The vanilla seed was planted.  Many years and hundreds of pointe shoes later, she always kept a tiny bottle of vanilla perfume on her theatre dressing table as a reminder of the decades of dedication, the joy of dancing and the enticing aroma of vanilla.

A few years ago Natasha MacAller experienced vanilla up-close at the First International Vanilla Food & Wine Event at Heilala's vanilla plantation in Tonga.

Natasha, along with Peter Gordon, created, cooked and served an array of vanilla dishes over three days.  It was here that Vanilla Table began to take shape.

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