• Vegetarian Kitchen - Thermomix

Vegetarian Kitchen - Thermomix

Paperback.  Near new condition.

For Meat-free Monday dabblers, weekend (or full-time) wellness warriors, lacto-ovo vegetarians and the super-foodie flexitarian, these Thermomix vegetarian recipes from the Vegetarian Kitchen cookbook make it easy for everyone to introduce more varied plant-based nutrients to their diet.  Even the biggest carnivores and fussiest little eaters in your family will be embracing healthier eating habits and learning to love their legumes, fruits and veggies.  They won’t even notice the meat’s missing!

We’re talking easy vegetarian meals you can whip up in 20 minutes on a school night. Quick breakfasts and lazy Sunday brunch ideas.  Make-from-scratch pantry basics, like nut paste, almond milk and tahini.  Take-to-work lunches.  Easy vegetarian dinners for entertaining.  Flavour-filled side dishes.  And delicious desserts to meet your two-a-day target.

This cookbook is perfect if you’re getting into Meat-free Mondays, or need some inspiration to get started with a flexitarian diet.  And it’s essential if you’ve already converted to eating vegetarian full time and want to boost your intake of those necessary but sometimes not-so-easy-to-include nutrients, such as iron, protein, zinc, vit B12, calcium and omega-3.

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