• Very Veggie Family Cookbook - Sara Ask & Lisa Bjarbo

Very Veggie Family Cookbook - Sara Ask & Lisa Bjarbo

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2015

This book contains 60 vegetarian recipes adapted for the family, divided into chapters based on the time it takes to cook them.  There are recipes that take only 20 minutes on a stressful day after work, but also dishes for nights in the week when you might be able to spend a bit longer than half an hour on dinner.  And recipes for the weekend that are a bit more demanding, but also a bit more luxurious.  There are also recipes for finger food, good snacks, yummy desserts and lots of practical tips.

This book is for anyone who is looking for vegetarian cooking inspiration.  Whether the aim is for your family to do without meat now and then, or whether you already cook lots of veggie food but are bored with your old recipes.  The Very Veggie Family Cookbook is a colourful, stylish, fun and large source of inspiration in your kitchen.
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