• Wild Kitchens - Kerry R. Tyack

Wild Kitchens - Kerry R. Tyack

Paperback.   Near new condition.   2012

Monteith's is synonymous with wild food and the Wild Food Challenge, now in its fifteenth year.  Professional chefs and home cooks alike compete for substantial prizes with the aim being to create the perfect wild food dish using a Monteith's beverage as inspiration.  This book contains the best recipes from the past 15 years of the challenge, along with innovative new recipes from well-known New Zealand chefs.

All the recipes have been adapted for the home cook by writer and beer aficionado Kerry Tyack, making them easy to create in your own kitchen.  Beautifully photographed, the book also includes a guide to the beers produced by Monteith's, with an easy-to-use beer and food matching guide.
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