• A Girl Called Jack - Jack Monroe

A Girl Called Jack - Jack Monroe

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2014

100 simple, budget and basic-ingredient recipes from the bestselling and award-winning food writer and anti-poverty campaigner.

Learn how to utilise cupboard staples and fresh ingredients in this accessible collection of low-budget, delicious family recipes.

When Jack found herself with a shopping budget of just GBP10 a week to feed herself and her young son, she addressed the situation with immense resourcefulness and creativity by embracing her local supermarket's 'basics' range.  She created recipe after recipe of delicious, simple and upbeat meals that were outrageously cheap

Author Bio
Jack was awarded the 2013 Fortnum and Mason Judges' Choice Award for the impact that her blog, A Girl Called Jack, has had.  She is now a well-known campaigner against hunger and poverty in the UK, weekly recipe columnist for the Guardian, and winner of Women of the Year 2014.
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