• Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food

Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food

Paperback.    Near new condition.   2007

Throw away the takeaway menus, ready meals and convenience foods!  These days everyone wants fast food but at the same time they want to eat well.  And there's no one better than Gordon Ramsay to show you how to cook real food fast and make it taste delicious, too!

With his unique style, high-voltage energy and passion for good food, Gordon shows how to get a great meal on the table in less time than it would take to have a takeaway delivered.  Taking his theme from the series of C4's The FWord, this bestseller is packed with ideas for 5-minute snacks, 10-minute main courses and 30-minute menus for all occasions.

Now in a fabulous paperback edition, Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food is the cookbook for the way we live today.

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